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Mimo Connect 4G Modem

The Mimo Connect 4G Modem, manufactured in Germany, was developed and deployed originally for the military, then moving into the public transport sector, banking and now maritime. The unit is military grade approved, therefore each unit is delivered with a 12 month warranty and option to extend by a further 4 years. A 5 year warranty is unheard of in the technology sector, but delivers confidence in the robustness of the system. Due to the conditions the unit has been built for, the versatility this delivers to the engineering team for installation is endless, giving the client choices rather than just the standard AVIT rack installation.

Using our unique aggregation technology (which comes as standard with each device) in conjunction with Mimo antennas, we can guarantee the fastest available 4G connection on the market.

The Mimo Connect Modem is available in a two or four SIM model, making it ideal for vessels of all size. In addition, we can also offer a SIM bonding facility enabling you to maximise your speed even further.

VSAT Hardware

In partnership with Speedcast Mimo Connect are able to provide end to end VSAT solutions including above deck equipment, below deck equipment as well as bandwidth management and optimisation technology.

Please contact us today to discuss your VSAT equipment requirements.

VSAT Bandwidth Packages
VSAT Bandwidth Packages

Bandwidth Packages

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