Yacht Connectivity Services

Mimo Connect focus on two areas of connectivity expertise, 4G and VSAT.


Our uniquely engineered Mimo Connect 4G Modem empowers our customers with unrivalled connectivity speeds, with usage up to 20 nautical miles from shore, globally.

The Mimo Connect 4G Modem allows the user flexibility and choice of data provider, from utilising the Mimo Connect Global Roaming SIM services through to locally provided SIM cards if they would prefer.

If your vessel already has 4G hardware that you do not wish to replace, we are also able to provide data only contracts with our European or Global data packages.


Mimo Connect, although a boutique business, are backed by a global infrastructure who own the largest amount of Ku satellite capacity in the world. We are therefor able to guarantee you are connected even in the most challenging of locations.

Our dedicated 24/7 Yacht NOC will ensure you always receive the highest level of technical support when you need it the most. Our team understand the importance of rectifying your technical issues as a matter of urgency and will always strive to do so on your first call.

Your dedicated Mimo Connect Account Manager is on standby at all times to assist with day to day contractual enquiries, temporary bandwidth upgrades, escalations or any other general queries you may have regarding your package.

VSAT Bandwidth Packages
VSAT Bandwidth Packages

Bandwidth Packages

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